Aboriginal Housing in Canada: History of Adaptation to Environment

Aboriginal Housing in Canada: History of Adaptation to Environment

The aboriginal houses reveal a history of successful adaptations to particular environment, cultural beliefs and lifestyle practices. At one hand owing to their nomadic lifestyle, some…

Canada-EU Security Identities

Canada-EU Security Identities

In today’s world security is the forefront interest for both countries and international organizations. Conflicts, terrorism…

Shredding The Long Gun Registry

Shredding The Long Gun Registry

Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun, said Don Marquis. During the Canadian federal elections,…

The Arctic is Melting and Relations are Heating

The Arctic is Melting and Relations are Heating

Like the canary in the coal mine, the climate changes already evident in the Arctic are a call…

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident – Shift in Canada’s Nuclear Energy Policy?

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident – Shift in Canada’s Nuclear Energy Policy?

The Fukushima nuclear accident, which is expected to have a political impact as great as 9/11,…

A Centless Canada?

A Centless Canada?

Canadian copper-plated entity, the penny, is in trouble as its very through the hands of Senators. The finance committee of the Senate recommended for its extinction. The penny lost its value in the eyes of the policy makers as it failed one…

Environmental Performance Index and the World Performance

Environmental Performance Index and the World Performance

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is a numerical scaling describing the environmental impact on public health and ecosystem…

A Debt Burdened Ontario: Risks and Solutions

A Debt Burdened Ontario: Risks and Solutions

Blame it on falling revenues, reluctance to limit spending or raise taxes for fear of political ramifications, Ontario…

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The Aboriginal Housing
Beginning with a history of Canadian aboriginal housing and their adjustment to environment, the newsletter highlights the current housing needs. A few of the many topics discussed in this issue are: a) The history and trends of aboriginal housing in Canada; b) The current aboriginal housing needs and its impact on health; and c) Canadian government support to affordable aboriginal housing. 
The Rural Debate
The July issue of Policy Matters concerns the debate on strategies for rural community development in Ontario. The topics discussed are: a) Canada demographic challenges; b) Canada response to demographic transitions: immigration; c) Rural Ontario challenges; and d) Strategies for rural revival.
The Environment Debate
The May issue of CFPR newsletter concerns the discussion on the environmental issues. Some of the topics discussed: a) environmental Performance Index and the World Performance; b) shortcomings and the Essence of EPI; c) Canada's HDI is Great but on Environment it is International Laggard; and  d) climate Action Network International (CAN-I).

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